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Bachmann, Augustus Quirinus [Rivinus]

1. Dates
Born: Leipzig, Germany 9 Dec 1652
Died: Leipzig, Germany 20 Dec 1723
Dateinfo: Dates Certain
Lifespan: 71

2. Father
Occupation: Physician And Professor

I assume he was prosperous.

3. Nationality
Birth: German
Career: German
Death: German

4. Education
Schooling: Leipzig, M.A.; Helmstedt, M.D.

Secondary: private tutors.

Studied at U of Leipzig; l669 matriculated; 16 Apr 1670 Bachelor of philosophy; 15 Jan? 1671, M.A.

Continued at U of Helmstedt; 15 Oct 1676, MD.

5. Religion
Affiliation: Lutheran

Wrote manuscript Vom Brauch und Missbrauch der Kirchen.

6. Scientific Disciplines

Subordinate: pharmacology, astronomy.

He wrote a couple of treatises; blinded himself by looking at sunspots.

7. Means of Support
Primary: Academia, Medicine

1677, became U of Leipzig lecturer in medicine.

1688, became part of Leipzig medical faculty.

1691, appointed to U. of Leipzig chair of physiology, appointed to U. of Leipzig chair of botany,

Made head of medical garden at University.

1701, became Senior der Facultaet.

Became professor of pathology.

"Collegiat des Grossen Fursten Collegio."

"Decemvir bei der Academie."

1719, became professor of therapeutics.

Made dean perpetual.

(These positions were held in parallel.)

8. Patronage
Type: Unknown

Nothing known, but there had to be influence behind those academic appointments.

9. Technological Involvement
Types: Medical Practice, Pharmacology

Wrote on removing useless items from the pharmacopia.

10. Scientific Societies
Membership: Royal Society

Corresponded with John Ray.

Not sure what the "Collegio" and the "Academie" in 1701 were; in the information we presently have there is no information beyond the name. Perhaps a history of Leipzig would have something.

FRS, 1719.

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Compiled by:
Richard S. Westfall
Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Indiana University

Note: the creators of the Galileo Project and this catalogue cannot answer email on geneological questions.

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