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Doppelmayr, Johan Gabriel

1. Dates
Dateinfo: Dates Certain
2. Father
Occupation: Merchant In Nurenberg
No information on financial status.
3. Nationality
Birth: German
Career: German
Death: German
4. Education
Schooling: Altdorf, Halle, Utrecht, Leiden, Oxford
Secondary: began with tutors.
1689, entered Aegidien Gymnasium in Nuremberg.
1696, entered U Altdorf, studied jurisprudence, math, and physics. No mention of a degree.
1700, briefly attended U Halle.
Then gave up law, spent 2 years traveling and studying in Germany, Holland, and England, especially Utrecht, Leyden, Oxford, and London. I find no mention of a degree in all of this.
5. Religion
Affiliation: Lutheran, by assumption
6. Scientific Disciplines
Primary: Astronomy, Math, Physics
Doppelmayr made no discoveries for which he is known. He published works that were very useful in disseminating scientific knowledge.
7. Means of Support
Primary: Academic
1704-death: professor of math at Aegidien Gymnasium in Nuremberg. The institution had been founded by Zwingli, but Nuremberg was a Lutheran city.
8. Patronage
Type: Unknown (But There Were No Appointments Like That
above without patronage)
9. Technological Involvement
Types: None
10. Scientific Societies
Memberships: Academia Leopoldina, Berlin Academy, Russian Academy (St. Petersburg), Royal Society
Member of Academia Caesarea Leopoldina, Berlin Academy, St. Petersburg Academy, Royal Society of London.
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Not Available and Not Consulted
  1. G.A.Will, Nürnbergisches Gelehrter Lexicon, 1 (Nuremberg, 1755).
Compiled by:
Richard S. Westfall
Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Indiana University

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