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Hartmann, Johannes

1. Dates
Born: Germany, 1568
Died: Germany, 1631
Dateinfo: Dates Certain
Lifespan: 63 2 Father: Art A weaver No information on financial status.
2. Father
3. Nationality
Birth: Germany
Career: Germany
Death: Germany
4. Education
Schooling: Jena, Wittenberg; Marburg, M.A., M.D.
Studied the arts, especially math, at Jena and Wittenberg. I assume B.A.
From 1591, studied at Marburg, received a master's degree.
He may also have attended Altdorf, Helmstedt, Leipzig.
Later studied medicine, received a doctorate from Marburg in 1606.
5. Religion
Affiliation: Lutheran (assumed)
6. Scientific Disciplines
Primary: Iatrochemistry, Med;
Subordinate: Mathematics, Astronomy
7. Means of Support
Primary: Academia, Patronage
1592-1609, professor of mathematics, Philipps Univ., Marburg.
1594, became adviser to Landgrave Moritz of Hesse in Kassel, and taught at the court school, the Collegium Mauritanum, until 1601.
1609, appointed professor of medical and pharmeceutical chemistry, Philipps Univ., Marburg.
Was several times dean (e.g. 1602) and rector (e.g. 1603) of the Philipps Univ., Marburg.
1621, moved to Kassel - nominally retaining his professorship - and became court physician, until Moritz abdicated in 1631.
1629-1631, professor of natural science and medicine at the Univ. of Kassel (which did not open officially until 1633).
8. Patronage
Type: Court Official
The Landgrave of Hesse had control over appointments and appointed Hartmann in 1592, at the urging of his son, Moritz, who was particularly interested in Hartman because of his interest in alchemical metalurgy.
Moritz assumed patronage of Hartmann, but lived in Kassel, and had to borrow him periodically from his uncle Ludwig, who now had control over the university in Marburg and refused to allow Hartmann to resign.
9. Technological Involvement
Types: Pharmacology, Medical Practice
Hartmann was in charge of the large alchemical and pharmeceutical laboratory at Marburg.
10. Scientific Societies
Memberships: None known
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Compiled by:
Richard S. Westfall
Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Indiana University

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