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Morton, John

1. Dates
Born: England, c.1671 born between 18 July 1670 and 18 July 1671.
Died: Great Oxzendon, Northamptonshire, 18 July 1726
Dateinfo: Birth Uncertain
Lifespan: 55
2. Father
Occupation: Unknown
No information on financial status.
3. Nationality
Birth: English
Career: English
Death: English
4. Education
Cambridge University, Emmanuel College; B.A., 1691; M.A., 1695.
ad enundem degree at Oxford, 1694.
5. Religion
Affiliation: Anglican
He was a clergyman in the Anglican Church.
6. Scientific Disciplines
Primary: Natural History
Morton's only publication was The Natural History of Northamptonshire, 1712. In this work he followed Woodward's proposition that the delyde was responsible for the geological features of the county and for its fossils.
7. Means of Support
Primary: Church Life
Curate of Great Oxendon, 1694-1706.
Rector of Great Oxendon, 1706-26.
8. Patronage
Types: Aristrocrat, Gentry
I have not found who preferred Morton at Great Oxendon.
In a letter of 1704 Morton speaks of the encouragement of gentlemen and noblemen of Northamptonshire, which enables him to pursue his natural history of the county. The work was published by subscription, the new device then coming into practice. I have not been able to see a copy of the book and do not know who subscribed, except that a letter mentions Sir Walter Hawkesworth as one of them.
9. Technological Involvement
Types: None
10. Scientific Societies
Membership: Royal Society
Informal Connections: Friendship with John Ray; correspondence with Sloane, Dr. Richardson, Dr. John Woodward, and Lhwyd.
Royal Society, 1703-26.
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Compiled by:
Richard S. Westfall
Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Indiana University

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