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Willughby [Willoughby], Francis

1. Dates
Born: Middleton, Warwickshire, 22 Nov. 1635
Died: Middleton, 3 July 1672
Dateinfo: Dates Certain
Lifespan: 37
2. Father
Occupation: Gentry
His father, also Francis Willughby, of Middleton Hall, Warwickshire, was a wealthy landowner. His mother was the daughter of the first Earl of Londonderry.
Clearly the family was wealthy.
3. Nationality
Birth: English
Career: English
Death: English
4. Education
Schooling: Cambridge, M.A.; Padua
Sutton Coldfield School.
Cambridge University, 1652-5; B.A., 1655; M.A., 1659.
Willughby was a Fellow-Commoner of Trinity College.
While he was in Padua during the winter of 1663-4, Willughby matriculated in the university.
5. Religion
Affiliation: Anglican (by assumption)
6. Scientific Disciplines
Primary: Natural History, Zoology, Entomology
Subordinate: Botany
With Ray Willughby undertook to do a complete natural history, he doing the animals, birds, fish, and insects, and Ray doing the plants. Apparently his greatest interest was in entomology; he published papers on insects in the Philosophical Transactions. He and Ray made a number of natural history expeditions, both in Britain and on the continent, together. His surviving papers show significant interest in botany.
7. Means of Support
Primary: Personal Means
Willughby lived entirely on inherited wealth from his family. In 1671 he inherited an additional estate from a kinsman, Sir William Willughby.
8. Patronage
Type: None
Willlughby was rather a patron himself--of John Ray, to whom he gave a home after he was ejected from Cambridge and later an annuity of 60.
9. Technological Involvement
Type: None
10. Scientific Societies
Membership: Royal Society
Informal Connections: Lifelong friendship and association with John Ray. Collaboration with Philip Skippon, Nathaniel Bacon, and Francis Jessop.
Royal Society, 1663.
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Not Available and Not Consulted
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Compiled by:
Richard S. Westfall
Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Indiana University
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