Newsgroups: rice.owlnews.hist333
Distribution: rice
From: (Michael Robert Breu)
Organization: Rice University
Subject: Inquisition Group Progress Report

The Inquisition group apologises for its tardiness in presenting a progress report. Membership has been finalized after losing one member and gaining another, and we'll be presenting material on our new web site ( as it becomes available. The material on this site should provide interesting background helpful in understanding Galileo's trial.

Each of the three members of our group will be focusing on a unique view of the inquisition.

Erich Loftis will be researching the procedure of the Roman Inquisition around Galileo's time. The books he will be using for his research include _The Roman Inquisition and the Venetian Press, 1540-1605_, and _The Prosecution of Heresy_. He will be studying these works and presenting his findings on the web page soon. Currently, you can find a couple of pages of summary of his earlier research, recently polished.

Michael Breu plans to continue his project of researching various individuals who were prosecuted by the inquisition throughout history. He intends to focus on Galileo's contemporaries during the last few weeks of class, but relevant figures from the Medieval Inquisition may be included as well. Two very short summaries of earlier work may be found on the web page at the moment, these are being expanded into more comprehensive studies at the moment.

Mark Garrett intends to examine the Inquisition proceedings as presented in class and give a close explication. This should enable other students in the class to understand more clearly exactly what the underlying meaning is in some of the more vauge and cryptic statements made by various ambassadors and secretaries of state. This work is not ready for presentation on the web page at this time.

We're very interested in knowing what other members of the class might want to know about the inquisition beyond what we've dealt with in class. Please feel free to email us at breu, eloftis, and mgarrett if you've got any questions or requests.