Newsgroups: rice.owlnews.hist333
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From: (Michael Robert Breu)
Organization: Rice University
Subject: Inquisition Group Report 4/8

The Inquisition group is moving right along through research, although
we've little new to post on our web page at the moment.  There should be
more material on the page (
by the end of the week, with some luck.

Erich Loftis has been spending a good deal of time studying the books he
mentioned in the last progress report, _The Roman Inquisition and the
Venetian Press_, and _The Prosecution of Heresy_.  This will soon
lead to material that can be presented on the net and in our rapidly
approaching final presentation.

I (Michael Breu) have taken a step back and looked more closely at my
project, and realized that I'm just duplicating a lot of material already
available on the Galileo Project.  Therefore, I'm simply going to include
links to figures already researched by Van Helden, and attempt to cut out a
few new biographies, utilizing the New Catholic Encyclopedia and hopefully
some more direct sources, if they exist.  My current project is
Girolamo Savonarola, who didn't directly face the inquisition but was
excommunicated from the Church.  More info to come on the web page.

Our progress isn't as obvious as other groups, but worry not: we're well on
track to present a comprehensive final report.

-The Inquisition Group