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There have been many dedicated, talented people who have worked on the Galileo Project. Listed below are their names, the aspect of the project they developed, and how they can currently be reached.

Albert Van Helden

Albert Van Helden is the Lynette Autrey Professor of History at Rice University. He is responsible for the written text in the Project (except where otherwise noted). With the collaboration of Adam Thornton and Elizabeth Burr, Van Helden designed the project as a resource to provide students of various disciplinary backgrounds the knowledge necessary to critically examine the original works of Galileo Galilei. Van Helden can be reached through e-mail or his website.

Elizabeth S. Burr

Elizabeth Burr was the Electronic Text and Images Librarian at Rice University from 1993 to 1996. She was the Major Domo of the Galileo Project, developing it from its infancy to its current state. Since her move to the San Francisco area, Elizabeth has continued her involvement in the project as a consultant.

Krist Bender

Krist Bender was the Project Manager and Webmaster at the Rice University Data Applications Center and has worked on revisions and updates to the Galileo Project since the summer of 1996.

Adam C. Lasics

Adam Lasics was an undergraduate at Rice University. As an Electronic Studio student developer he has been responsible for collecting, scanning, correcting, and organizing all the images in the Project. Adam has developed the searchable database of scientists. He has also been responsible for the structural maintenance and organization of the Project. Adam can be contacted by e-mail.

Adam J. Thornton

Adam Thornton completed a Bachelor of Arts at Rice University in the Spring of 1994. He is currently attending graduate school at Princeton University and is studying the History of Computing. Adam was instrumental in the original design of the project and its early inplementation. See his report. Adam maintains an e-mail as well as a website.

Martha A. Turner

Martha Turner completed a Bachelor of Arts at Rice University in the Spring of 1995. She is currently working for the National Science Foundation developing media resources.

Nell Warnes

Nell Warnes completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Rice University in 1996. Her projects as an Electronic Studio student developer included development of embedded links within Professor Van Helden's historical text, creation of hypertext maps, and the development of resources to for the Project. Nell maintains e-mail.

Lisa Spiro

Lisa Spiro is director of the Electronic Resource Center and ETRAC (Educational Technology Research and Assessment Cooperative) at Rice University. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at Rice University and has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia. She maintains e-mail and a website.

Megan Wilde

Megan Wilde has worked at the Electronic Resource Center since Spring 2000. She has spent a considerable portion of her time at the ERC creating the latest design for and updating The Galileo Project. While at the ERC, she has also designed sites for ETRAC and LESTER. She graduated from Rice with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology in 2003. She maintains email and a website.

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