This page is the product of research conducted by the student members of the HIST333 Galileo in Context Inquisition group. Our mission is to provide information not presented in class lecture that will give other students a more thourough understanding of the Roman Inquisition and the Counter-Reformation. We present some material pertaining to the Medieval and Spanish Inquisitions for comparative purposes. We present information on people prosecuted by the Inquisition, descriptions of the procedures utilized by the Inquisition, and an account of the historical progression of the Inquisition. If any reader has a question or request for further information, please contact one of the members of the group.


An overview of the history of the Inquisition (Medieval, Spanish and Roman)


Short biographies of other important figures prosecuted by the
Inquisition, primarily the Italian and Roman Inquisitions.


Description of the process of the Roman Inquisition.


Timeline of the Inquisition: from Medieval to the present.


Censorship in the Italian Inquistions, with chief emphasis laid on
the Congregation of the Index.

New and old progress reports.


A list of texts utilized during research.

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