1220: Dominican Order founded

1231: Gregory IX begins Medieval Inquisition

1478: Sixtus IV authorizes the Spanish Inquisition

1515: Leo X institues pre-press censorship, not enforced

1517: Martin Luther (or see a Catholic take on him) begins his protests

1540: Jesuit Order founded

1544: Yet another Index version

1559: Paul IV's Pauline Index

1563: Last session of the Council of Trent ends

1564: Tridentine Index published

1571: Congregation of the Index founded by St.Pius V

1588: Sixtus V creates Congregation of the Holy Roman and Universal
Inquisition or Holy Office

1600: Giordano Bruno's Trial (and subsequent burning)

1633: Galileo's Trial

1834: Spanish Inquisition officially ends.

1908: Inquisition becomes Holy Office.

1965: Paul VI reorganizes Holy Office and renames it
Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith

1966: Index of Forbidden Books Abolished

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