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Letters of Maria Celeste:

10 June 1631

Most Beloved Lord Father

Sunday morning brought the arrival here of Vincenzio, who told me he had come to see the Perini's villa, if I remember correctly, which is for sale, and, as far as I understand, the buyer will have every advantage, as you will no doubt be informed, Sire, by Vincenzio himself. For my part, because I hear that it is very close to us, and because I prize your satisfaction, Sire (knowing how much you want to be near us), along with that of Vincenzio and ours as well, I come to beg you not to let this opportunity slip through your fingers, for God knows when another such as this will present itself, now that we see how people who own properties in these parts hold on to them, except in cases of extreme necessity, as have now befallen these people and also Mannelli, whose villa I hear may have already been rented. If you decide to come and look yourself at this other one, you will be able to use the occasion to visit us as well. Meanwhile I assure you that I am fine, but not so Suor Arcangela, who is at last confined to bed: her illness is not one of grave concern, but I sincerely believe that, if she were not thus provided for, she would incur some far more serious malady. I received the hens for her and I thank you a thousandfold. I pray our Lord to bless you, and I send you regards with all my love, together with our usual friends.

From San Matteo, the 10th day of June 1631.

Most affectionate daughter,
S. M. Celeste

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