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Letters of Maria Celeste:

23 April 1633

Most Illustrious and Beloved Lord Father

Although in your last letter, Sire, you did not write me a single detail about your affair, perhaps to avoid making me a participant in your troubles, I, for my part, intuited something, as you will be able to understand from my letter of last Wednesday. And truly I have passed these past few days with my mind greatly distressed and perplexed until, receiving this letter of yours, I am assured of your well-being, and with this comfort I can breathe again. Nor will I neglect to carry out all that you have ordered me to do, thanking you meanwhile for the assurance of money that you make to Suor Arcangela, on behalf of us both, now that all her worries are also mine. Here in the Monastery everyone is healthy, thank God, but we hear much talk of the evil pestilence in Florence and also outside the city in several locations. And for this reason, please, even if you were to be released immediately, do not set out on your return journey in the face of such a manifest threat to your life, especially when the limitless kindness of those gentle people serving as your hosts will surely

extend to letting you stay with them as long as you have need to. Suor Luisa, together with the others you mentioned by name, all return your greetings twice over, and I pray the Lord God to bless you with the fullness of His grace. I ask you to pay my respects to Her Excellency, My Lady.

From San Matteo, the 23rd day of April 1633.

Most affectionate daughter,
S. M. Celeste

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