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Letters of Maria Celeste:

24 March 1628

Most Beloved Lord Father

Prohibited as I am from tending to you in person, despite my great desire to do so (this separation being the only difficulty I experience in cloistered life), I never fail to keep you a constant companion in my thoughts and through my efforts to hear news of you every day; and because the steward was unable to see you the day before yesterday, I send him back today, with the excuse of delivering these two candied citron morsels. While he is there, Sire, you can let him know if you want anything from us, and whether the quince pear was at all to your liking, in which case I can furnish another. I will stop here, so as not to overburden you, though of course I never stop the flow of my loving regards, or my prayers for your perfect health, in which I am joined by Suor Arcangela and your many friends here.

The 24th day of March 1627.*

Your most affectionate daughter,
S. M. Celeste

*On the Florentine calendar the new year began on 25 March.

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