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Letters of Maria Celeste:

28 April 1628

Most Beloved Lord Father

Looking back over the past few days of this quiet time, and seeing that you have not yet come to us, Sire, makes me suspect that either you are not feeling very well or you have truly left for Pisa. To find out for certain, I dispatch this good woman to you, and seize the opportunity to have her carry along all the sweetmeats I have made; those five that are wrapped separately come from the two citrons you sent most recently, and I believe they will prove to be of much higher quality than the rest, since these particular citrons were the best and the freshest, and also the sugar I used was more refined, which makes the confection look whiter, and this sugar was a gift from Suor Luisa, now that I have no more of yours left. I wonder if you have forgotten, Sire, about the other flowers of rosemary, whose arrival I anticipate daily, since you said in your last letter that you would send them. I remind you now because I think they last only a short while. And if you do go to Pisa before you come to see us, Sire, please remember the favor I asked you, regarding the fabric.

I would also like for you to see if by chance you might have about your house and could send me a bit of red wool cloth big enough to make a stomach coverlet, because now that the time has come to put away the winter blankets, I suffer greatly from having a cold and weak stomach. Since I find myself very busy I will not say more, except that I greet you with all my heart, and pray the Lord to grant you true happiness.

From San Matteo, the 28th day of April 1628.

Your most affectionate daughter,
S. M. Celeste

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