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Letters of Maria Celeste:

30 April 1633

Most Beloved Lord Father

I saw the last letter you wrote to Signor Geri, Sire, which truly is pure politeness and very solicitous in giving all the news of you; and, if indeed when you wrote it you found yourself indisposed, I hope that now you are well again, wherefore I calm myself, rejoicing to hear that your affair is headed on the right path toward a good outcome and a swift dispatch. This week I have had letters from Her Excellent Ladyship the Ambassadress, who with her usual courtesy had the kindness to inform me of your circumstances, Sire, for, as she tells me, she does not believe I have had any letters from you since you left her house, and she knows you want to keep my mind at ease; and this gives me the clearest indication of the love these noble people feel for you, Sire, which is so abundant that it more than suffices to enfold me as well, as her Ladyship pledged to me most certainly in her ever so thoughtful letter. I have written back to them herewith, directing my letter to you, which seems the most appropriate thing to do.

There is good news regarding the plague, and we are hopeful, given what people say, that it will soon disappear altogether, and then, if it please God, you will not have this impediment preventing your return. I am busy with the mason who is helping us, or, more precisely, is building for us a small stove for distilling, and on this account I must be brief. We are all feeling fine, except Suor Luisa, who for the past three days has been suffering on account of her stomach, although not as severely as at other times.

Giuseppe fares reasonably well, and La Piera is fine. Signor Rondinelli sends you his regards and will do us the favor of paying the rent money to Signor Lorenzo Bini [Martellini's son-in-law]. The Father Confessor also sends you his good wishes, as do all of these nuns and Suor Arcangela most of all. May Our Lord bless you.

From San Matteo, the last day of April 1633.

Most affectionate daughter,
S. M. Celeste

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