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Letters of Maria Celeste:

4 September 1630

Most Beloved Lord Father

By my good fortune it has befallen me to be able in some measure to make up for the most minor of the many mishaps you tell me have befallen you, Sire, meaning the spoiling of the two barrels of vinegar, in place of which I have provided these two flasks which I send you now, as we had them on hand and they appear to be fine; do accept my sincere willingness, Sire, if only it were possible for me, to meet your every need. Suor Violante, and we along with her, thank you so much for the frogs and melon, enjoying not only the gift itself, Sire, but your diligence and solicitude even more so. Madonna yesterday morning enjoined me, Sire, saying that I must ask you whether you believe we still owe some formal thanks for the alms we received from the Grand Duke, because, as the gift was brought here to us by a workman who still remains at Barbadoro, we have not yet acknowledged its receipt; I forgot about it, and now I beseech you, Sire, to give me some guidance at your convenience, and meanwhile I hope to hear also of a good outcome to the appeal that you made yesterday morning. I send you regards from everyone, and I pray our Lord to bless you.

The 4th day of September 1630.

Your most affectionate daughter,
S. M. Celeste

In the older flask of vinegar there were a few small damask roses.

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