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Letters of Maria Celeste:

8 November 1630

Most Beloved Lord Father

I want to know if you are well, Sire, and so I am sending for word from you, also taking this opportunity to give you a small quantity of the healing potion made by Abbess Ursula of Pistoia. I was able to get some as a very special favor, since, as the nuns of that convent are prohibited from giving it out, whoever obtains any clings to it like a holy relic. I implore you to take it with great faith and devotion, Sire, as the most effective preventive sent to us by Our Lord, He who works through the weakest persons in order to demonstrate all the more forcefully His majesty and power. Thus He makes Himself manifest now in this blessed nun, who started out as a poor servant girl, not even knowing how to read, yet was obliged to govern her entire monastery for many years, bringing it to the state of order it currently enjoys.

I keep 4 or 5 letters from her as well as several other very inspirational writings of hers, and I have further reports about her from people deigned faithful who give clear indication of her extreme perfection and goodness. Therefore I beseech you, Sire, to put your faith in this remedy, because if you believe as strongly as you have indicated in my poor prayers, then all the more greatly can you trust in a soul so saintly, assuring yourself that by her merits you will escape every danger. With that I lovingly greet you and anxiously await receiving news of you.

The 8th day of November 1630.

Your most affectionate daughter,
S. M. Celeste

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