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Letters of Maria Celeste:

9 April 1633

Most Illustrious and Beloved Lord Father

Last Saturday I saw the letter you wrote to Signor Andrea Arrighetti, Sire, and it gave me especial pleasure to hear that you are not only keeping yourself well, but rather gaining something with the help of that peace of mind you enjoy, while you hope for a placid and rapid settlement of your affair; for all of this may blessed God be ever praised, as He is the principal source of these graces.

I also had a great desire to know, Sire, if you gave my letter to Her Ladyship the Ambassadress, and if so whether it may have been improper, as I feared, to ask her that favor [procuring the diptych of Jesus and Mary], which with her help I hope to secure, as her incomparable courtesy assures me she will employ every diligence to obtain it. I want you to help me, Sire, by making the required ceremonial gestures for me; and beyond this I have another kindness to ask of you, not for myself, but for Suor Arcangela, who, by the grace of God, three weeks from today, which will be the last day of this month, must leave the office of Provider, in which capacity up till now she has spent one hundred scudi and fallen into debt; and being obliged to leave 25 in reserve for the new Provider, not having anywhere else to turn, I beg your leave, with your permission, Sire, to help her out with the money of yours that I hold, so that this ship can bring itself safely to port, whereas truly, without your help, it would not complete even half its voyage. But there is no need for me to exhaust myself in exaggerating this situation, when it can all be explained by saying that every good thing we have, and we do have so much, or all that we may hope and desire, we have and we hope from you, Sire, from your extraordinary loving kindness and charity, with which, beyond having politely met your obligation as a parent to provide for us, you continuously assist us so graciously in all our needs: but you see, Sire, how blessed God rewards you on our behalf, as He deigns to grant you continued health and prosperity, keeping you and us happy all this time.

The excessive pain in my tooth keeps me from being able to write at length, so that I will not give you other news, except that Giuseppe is getting better, and all of us are well: together with La Piera and everyone here we send you our loving regards.

From San Matteo, the 9th day of April 1633.

Most affectionate daughter,
S. M. Celeste

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